Can your yard reverse global warming?

grass 2

It just might help…if you go 100% organic. Scientists at the Rodale Institute (and other researchers) have found compelling evidence that organic farming helps soil bury (“sequester”) the carbon dioxide (CO2) that contributes to global warming. The same principles should apply to organic gardening and lawn care. That means we all have the power to help address this enormous problem…right in our own backyards. Continue reading


NEMO: A hint of winter in the DelVal, but another big warning for the Northeast


Last Friday night’s snowfall interrupted the monotony of February, blanketing the Delaware River Valley in just a few inches of sparkling white powder. Of course, further north, NEMO was far more severe, dumping 30+ inches of snow in some parts of New England.

According to experts at NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NEMO wasn’t quite one for the record books (though records were set in a number of locations). But coming so close on the heels of Hurricane Sandy and just a bit over a year after “Stormtober,” anything approximating a record storm serves as another reminder of how climate change can wreak havoc on our weather, our lives and our sense of “normal.” Read more