Delaware River Valley Organic Garden Harvest

9 14 harvest 2What a great time of year for edible gardeners in this part of the country. The harvest keeps coming thanks to a still-warm-enough Sun and just enough rain. It’s time to “process” some of that harvest, putting up goods for winter. There’s a whole new season to anticipate – one made up of cool weather crops soon to be sheltered by “mini hoop houses.” And, of course, it’s time to reflect on the victories and failures of the year and learn what we can for next spring. Continue reading


New Hope Organic Garden Bounty, Mid-Summer


Weeds, beetles, caterpillars, rabbits, groundhogs, excessive heat, downpours, miscalculations and a few failed crops… .

By this point in the summer, the average organic gardener may wonder (very briefly) if it’s really worth all the effort.

Couldn’t we just frequent the area’s wonderful farmers’ markets or head down the road to None Such, Manoff or Gravity Hill? Continue reading

Can your yard reverse global warming?

grass 2

It just might help…if you go 100% organic. Scientists at the Rodale Institute (and other researchers) have found compelling evidence that organic farming helps soil bury (“sequester”) the carbon dioxide (CO2) that contributes to global warming. The same principles should apply to organic gardening and lawn care. That means we all have the power to help address this enormous problem…right in our own backyards. Continue reading

The Tao of Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar isn't sexy, hip or new. But it may just be the most sustainable thing in your home.

Distilled white vinegar isn’t sexy, hip or new. But it may just be the most sustainable thing in your home.

In the heat of mid-summer, weeds can suddenly take over, rendering helpless even the most vigilant gardeners.

While most of you wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a container of chemical weed killer, you know there are still plenty of folks who believe chemicals are the only remedy for wayward weeds. It’s time to let them know that all it really takes to make the driveway stop looking like part of the lawn is a gallon or two of white distilled vinegar.

The rise and fall of a miracle liquid
Vinegar is pretty much as old as the hills, with records of its use by ancient Greeks, Romans and Babylonians. These early civilizations knew vinegar could help them preserve and season food, and they also may have explored its medicinal uses and ability to dissolve a variety of substances. (To learn more about the history of vinegar, check out Read more